For those just considering purchasing a giclée print, lets start with the pronunciation.  Giclée is pronounced "zhee-clay".  It's a French word meaning 'to spray ink'.

Developed in 1989 as a digital method of fine art printing, it has a resolution higher than the traditional lithography print and a color range wider than a serigraph.

Our giclées are printed on 100% cotton all rag acid free paper using long lasting archival inks, producing musuem quality prints.

Important: This paper will not yellow like the wood based paper used in lithographs.

Professionally produced giclée prints are much more expensive on a per-print basis than the four-color offset lithography process traditionally used for such reproductions. A large-format giclée print can cost more than $50-60 compared to less than $5.00 for a offset litho print of the same image.

There are lots of great resources on the subject online if you want to dive in and learn even more.