My Interview With Drew Struzan by Eric Sharkey


If you grew up on movie franchises like Star Wars, Indiana Jones, and Back To The Future, then odds are you have Drew Struzan’s iconic movie poster artwork seared into your memory. Drew is one of the most famous and respected movie poster artists of all time and for good reason. It’s hard to believe how many beautiful posters for so many beloved movies were hand painted by just one man. His work includes The Goonies, Big Trouble In Little China, The Thing, The Muppet Movie, Blade Runner, Coming To America, and Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone. He is a master of portraiture and composition. His style is so groundbreaking that it has inspired generations of illustrators. Often, a recent film poster will be referred to as Struzanesque. But there is only one Drew Struzan and he is a true master artist. I was fortunate enough to direct the documentary about his amazing career and life titled, Drew: The Man Behind The Poster. It was an honor to make a film about an artist that has had such an impact on me since childhood and it’s an even bigger honor to call him my friend. I recently caught up with Drew and we discussed a variety of topics including how he comes up with a poster composition, creating artwork for directors like George Lucas, Frank Darabont and Guillermo Del Toro, doing convention appearances, a recent meeting with Steven Spielberg, his thoughts on Jim Henson, and an upcoming concert based on his iconic movie poster artwork.

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